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Visit Indonesia

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Adventure taking a boat at BANGKA Island


It was really an adventure taking a boat at the Bangka Island South Sumatera with all our friends, going to the sea and eating fresh sea foods.
Indonesia consists of thousands of Islands where one of the beautiful Island is found in Bangka Island, South Sumatera, where the sea is blue as long as your eyes can see. We took this type of wooden boat which is motored with the following show picture below.  

This adventure for us who leaves in Jakarta,  is really  most exiting and is an escape from our  routine daily work at the city. It will ease your stress and refresh your minds and mental. Human beings needs to have friends and make some adventure trip once in a while outside its place of work.

If you are interested to travel to Bangka you may see the following site:

Jakarta, 28 October 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


International Airport BANDARA SUKARNO HATTA 

Yes Visit Indonesia the thousand Islands Archipelago  stretching from Aceh to Papua   with  many ethnics either from the mainland of Indonesia or ethnics from Arab, China, India who 

became Indonesian,  which makes and blends Indonesia to be a Rich Culture Society
The Name of this Airport is taken from the First President Sukarno and the First Vice President M. Hatta who had proclaimed the Independence Day of The Republic of Indonesia  

  • Once you landed in this International Airport you noticed   the building is designed to meet the traditional Indonesian taste    so that you can feel that you  have landed in Indonesia, a country  who is rich with its various traditional culture and arts.    
  • You may see the traditional Lamps hanging from the Ceilings of this Airport as shown in the below picture.      

Monday, October 26, 2009

Travel to Bogor Indonesia

Well, Bogor is a small but beautiful city located between Jakarta and Puncak. You can found the Presidential Bogor Palace and Kebun Raya Bogor ( Botanical Garden)  where  you may found  many species of Trees in side such Park. I experienced  leaving in Bogor during my childhood for over 9 months, where we stayed at Hotel Salak Bogor.

It was quite interesting staying in Bogor because you may found many bats hanging on the trees at the Botanical Garden. When I was childhood we usually took  the rubbers from the Rubber Trees and made rubber balls,  so that we can play footballs with such rubber balls. It was  really fun and enjoying.  Now a days, I do not know whether  there are children taking the rubbers from the Rubber Tress.

My school was not so far from Hotel Salak. According to the information we found from the website of Hotel Salak Salak you may noticed that this hotel was built in 1856 during the Dutch colonial era and was originally named Binnenhoff Hotel and since September 1998 was  refurnished and reopened with modern colonial style.    

I do not quite remember whether this Hotel was renovated during our stay at this Hotel for 9 months in around 1963. But the important thing,  is that I really enjoyed my staying at Bogor, West Java, Indonesia   because we frequently watched   the deers  which you may found them in the Park or garden of the Presidential Park of Bogor.

According to the information which we may found in one of the blogs

Bogor Botanical Gardenwe obtained the information that Bogor  was the capital of Indonesia during the British occupation under Stamford Raffles and was used as the capital by the Dutch during the dry season, then known as Buitenzorg (meaning "beyond worry").

I took this photo beautiful  photo from

If your are interested to see some Travel Blogs relating to Botanical Garden Bogor, Indonesia,  you may found it at

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Jakarta, 26 October 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remembering the Beautiful Country of China

  • I was still at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade in the Elementary School at the Sacred Heart School in Peking China,  in the early 1959 -1962,  when I and my family  stayed in China, during my father's post as the Indonesian Diplomat in China.
  • During those period of time all the Chinese people were wearing blue color Cloths, but for me as the son of a foreign diplomat posted in China, Peking was really my interesting part of my children experience. Every afternoon we ice skated at the International Club which was really very exiting for us. I have many friends from such international school coming from various countries such as Burma his name was Kenneth and Charles, from Srilanka his name was Anil, from Yugoslavia his name was Goran, from India his name was Balan, and from Nepal  their names were Rabindra and Jitendra. Well at the Sacred  Heart School playing music was an obligatory and I had picked  violin lesson for 3 years. During my stay in Peking we went to the Tianamen Square and the Great Wall.
  • I have quoted some writing articles  from
    Quote :
    There are three sections of the Great Wall of China that are well preserved: the Badaling, which is reached by bus or car from Beijing, the Simatai and Mutianyu in. The best views are to Simatai, where from its vantage points will be lost in the distance, between the mountains curve the trail of the Great Wall of China. 7300 kilometers of stone leading from the coast of the Yellow Sea to venture into the Gobi desert. 135 watchtowers and three steps: those of Shanghai, Juyong and NiƔngzi.

    The Great Wall of China (6) por g_heyde.
    Today, more than 2000 years later, he acknowledged the great merit of this work of art by giving it the honor of being considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.


  • We also went to many places where there were many Budha Temples such as the sleeping Budha etc, and we also went to the Summer Palace where I remember there was a lake there. It was really very enjoying for me during that  time, since I was just in the elementary school, and thus  there was really no burden to me as a child, where  we just learn a lot and play a lot with my international friends from  various countries among others Yugoslavia, Burma, India, Srilanka  during such childhood stage . 
  • There was this Store called Pai Ho Tallo, where diplomats usually went there, since it is sort of a Free Duty Store,  but I do not know whether it is still there now. My parents rented sort of a small Bajaj ( I forget the name ), for us as the children to go to our school at the Sacred Heart School Peking.  Well that was a brief  remembering stories staying in Peking China during  my childhood, and   I hope that at one time I may have the time to visit China, Peking again.
  • If you are interested to go to Peking or Beijing, China you may see it at the below Blog/Website  
  • travelchinaguide 
  • Cheers 
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
  • Jakarta 25 Octtober

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Snapshots High Rise Buildings in Jakarta


If you walk in Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia, you might be interesting in making snapshots  photos of the High Rise Building in Jakarta. You just carry your camera and make the photos of such High Rise Buildings. It is enjoying especially if you are below the building and you are trying to get a snapshot from a certain angle. It can ease your tension because by making such photos you can put and expose such photos in your Travel Blog which for me is called AGUNGSS TRAVEL BLOG. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Memories in Buenos Aires

The image

  • Thanks to God, I onced experienced living in Buenos Aires Argentina back in the year 1970
  • I spent there for 1 (one) year after I passed my high school from the Indonesian School in Wassenar Holland.
  • What I liked most, during my stay in Argentina  is the food called Lomo (baked -beef) and Chinculin, it is really tasty.You can also drink milk with banana, which is very delicious, strange isn't but I remember it is really cool.
  • During my stay in Argentina I lived with my Father, Mother, brothers and sisters  at Marisca Ramon Castilla 3000 Buenos Aires .Yes, the number of the houses in one street can reach the number of 3000.   We sometimes watch,  enjoy and listen to the Traditional Gauchos Music

  • The image

    where the men are wearing the Gauchos Dresses and wearing sort of cowboy shoes and they played the guitars and this huge big drum. 

  • They performed the dances by sort of step-dancing with their Boots following the beat of the drums.
  • In the center City of Buenos Aires we may found Plaza de Mayo, which is the well known statutes made  in honor of the political and social events that took place in Buenos Aires during May 1810. 
  • From the history we may noticed that there was a  bloodless "revolution" which occurred on May 25 with the installation of a local government in Buenos Aires which was not chosen by Spain, who was  the ruling imperial power during those period of  time. 
  • Full independence of Argentina  from Spain was declared on  1816. Until this present moment this Plaza De Mayo is considered as the center of political activity, and many demonstrations have been held in this place. 

  • The image  
  • In the Capital City of Argentina you can found The Presidential Palace which  is called La Casa Rosada which means  The Pink House. It is located across the street from the Plaza de Mayo.
  • It was really a sweet memory, and I wish that someday I can visit such beautiful nice place.
    I have the impression that Argentinians are very extended family type of people, where when they gather to eat,  it will be with a long table,  where all of the extended families shall gather and eat the delicious foods where Barbeque  Lomo and Chincullin will be their favourite food. 
  • The inhabitants in Argentina is like a "melting pot", where  there are  many "mix ethnic families" from different parts of the world.  
    Well folks, those are my sweet memories during my stay in Buenos Aires.
  • If you are interested to know more and desire to travel and go to Argentina, you may found some TRAVEL GUIDE in this Website :
  • Jakarta, 17th October 2009
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

Friday, October 16, 2009


  • If you feel Panic and Stress, you just stop your routine work and try to find a break
  • You just skip out of your office and stay at home, because home is your place to break and rest from your panic and stress
  • Take a nap and sleep.
  • after a while you feel much better and just pick up something to read and your mind will follow the contents of the articles that you are reading
  • You may also open your laptop and just start on writing what is in your mind 
  • You may be astonished that you are feeling as if you are traveling with your mind through your lap top
  • Of you have a blog then you may start writing the contents in your blog about something that you like to write about
  • it will surely ease your Panic and Stress
  • You may open the below articles

    • Well, you must come up with something in your head and mind.
    • The world keeps spinning around
    • Life goes on, and the time passes by
    • So just release your stress by writing in your blog and travel in your blog by writing the things that you like to write
    • It is you who can help and nobody else but you.
    Jakarta, 16th October 2009
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

Monday, October 12, 2009

Travelling is Fun

yes, travelling is fun
sometimes it is best to get lost when you travel
but be sure that you bring your id cards and passports with you so that you have your ID card.
Seeing new things and new places are really enjoyable and fun
Looking at the stones, rocks, plants, flowers as well as houses in the new neighbourhood is really interesting. You may found new friends and people which will be most interesting in your life.   

If you like walking and taking buses it will be really  wonderful  and exiting
Do not stop using your imagination and open your heart and soul for new cultures and traditions,  which will enrich your heart,  soul and mind
Jakarta, 9 October 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman   

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mei Ching Seafood Restaurant BANGKA South Sumatera Indonesia

  • If you go to Bangka you must try the below Sea Food Restaurant. My friends ILUNI 1973 IKABA  friends from the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia had tried the delicious seafood at this restaurant. The foods are tastefull  fishes, crabs, shrimps.  
  • It is really fun and enjoyable having many nice friends who likes to share their stories and share their kindness of friendships between ourselves.
  • You can imagine we were students at the same Faculty of Law University of Indonesia back  in the Year 1973


  • Now it is already the Year of  2009. 
  • So it had been 36 Years that we have maintained our relations and still keep on our friendships and travel together to Banka Island at South Sumatera,  being sponsored by one of our friends who likes to share his happiness with his friends by bringing us all to Bangka Island, where we than visited and ate at this Mei Ching Seafood Restaurant in Bangka.       

Quote : 

During the 17th Century, Hindu people from Siantan and Johor of Malaysia inhabited Bangka Island. Subsequently it was occupied by Sriwijaya Kingdom (686 AD) who was written "Wangka" which means "Tin" on a stone, that's why Bangka Island is also called "Tin Island", the stone was found in the Western part of the island, near Kota Kapur, now the stone still can be seen at the National Museum in Jakarta.

Bangka was ceded to Britain by sultan of Palembang in 1812, but in 1814 it was exchanged with the Dutch for Cochin in India. The Japanese from 1942 to 1945 occupied the island. It became part of Indonesia independent in 1949. The island, together with neighboring Belitung, was formerly part of South Sumatra province, but in 2000 the two islands became the new province of Bangka-Belitung. Bangka is famous for two other events; the Banka Island Massacre in WWII by the Japanese of Australian Nurses and as reputedly the setting for the book "Lord Jim" by Joseph Conrad. Bangka is also home to a number of Indonesians communist that has been under house arrest since the 1960's and are not permitted to leave the island.
  • Jakarta 9 October 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman