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Visit Indonesia

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mekar Sari Fruit Plantation Park, Cileungsi, Bogor, Indonesia

Last week I went with my guests from Holland to Mekar Sari Fruit Park, Cileungsi, Bogor, Indonesia where you may found many fruits plantation such as Manggo, Jack Fruits, guava and other kind of fruits plantation. There were a cubical melons exhibited in the park. We were given some fruits which were tasteful.

There are also outbound and lake in the site. According to one of the visitors during the 7 days after the Idul Fitri Holidays, many Indonesian local tourist were visiting this Mekar Sari Park.


There were really long line Que, where it demonstrates, that the local Tourists from Indonesia can generate income to such Mekar Sari Park.The Train ticket was Rp50.000 ( fifty thousand rupiah) per 1(one) visitor, so you can imagine the income or cash in to such parks where I believe that more than hundreds of visitors had spend their holiday in such park which was green and beautiful during those holidays .

My Holland guests and all of us were very happy, where Theo, my daughter and me had tried the canoe in the lake which was really enjoyable for us.
Apparently Theo, my daughter Tia had won the canoe race against me, while her wife Sandra and my wife Septi were sitting and watching us playing canoe from a distance along the lakeside.

On the way out of the Mekar Sari Park, we had been given some plants as souvenir from the Mekar Sari Park.

Jakarta 30 September 2009
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