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Monday, December 28, 2009

Jogging - Walking at Senayan Sport Stadium Jakarta

 If you feel tired and bored in the office you may try to  take the Trans Jakarta  Bus way  in Jakarta which will cost you only Rp3,500 ( three thousand Rupiah).

There may be some long queue when you start taking  such Bus way from Blok M which is the central part of Jakarta. After a while when you are already in the Bus  you can feel free and away from your routine work. You may decide to stop at  one of the Bus stop at Jalan Sudirman and start walking in the  pedestrian side of the Road.  If you want to see the Sport Stadium Bung Karno at Senayan you can stop in front of the Softball field at Senayan, and just walk into the Senayan Sport Stadium.

If  you are lucky enough you can feel the fresh air and the soft breeze  of the wind  at  the  surroundings of Senayan where there are many trees in such sport center.  In the morning or at the afternoon  or night time  you may found  several men, women, children, youths  jogging or running  around the Bung Karno Senayan Sport Stadium.

You may found tennis court, basket sport hall, badminton and jogging tracks at the Senayan Sport called Gelora Bung Karno.  For your info this Sport Stadium was build by the Russians Contractors hired by Indonesia
during the Asian Games held in Jakarta in the year 1960-ies. During  my youth age I liked to go to  the Senayan Sport Stadium to take a swim with my friends at the Swimming pool in  Senayan Sport Stadium.

I really enjoyed swimming after coming back home from my elementary School which is really sweet memories for me and my friends.

The Yayasan management of the Gelora Bung Karno is responsible to take care and maintain the condition of this Senayan Gelora Bung Karno Sport Stadium. I have taken some Photos from the below website :  PHOTOS OF GELORA BUNG KARNO SPORT STADIUM  

which may give you some glance pictures of this Sport Stadium Senayan, which shows  and demonstrates  that Indonesia was  being recognized  to held and host the  Asian Games during the early 1960-ies.

If you happen to stay at the Sultan Hotel at Jakarta you are really close to this Senayan Sport Stadium where you can just  walk or jog at this Senayan Stadium. You can feel the  fresh air if you  take jogging in the early morning. Well jogging at Senayan is really an exiting travel experiences for you if you happen to be staying at this Sultan Hotel.

Jakarta 28 December 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Saturday, December 26, 2009

End Year 2009 Travel

Wow. Its already the end year of 2009. Are you planning to travel somewhere this Year End. For you who have lots of monies and End Year Bonuses you may have many and a lot of plans in your mind to start Your Travel. However, how about for you who are are not lucky enough to gain Bonuses in this Year End of 2009. Well, I do not thing that you can not plan to travel in this End Year 2009. Money is not everything. Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is actually in your mind. Money can buy House, but money cannot buy Home.

Why, can I say that. This is because if  your are self employed, which I experience  for 11 1/2 Years since June 1998,  there are times there are lots of cash in but there are also times where your are out of cash. In each and every situation of such cash flows, you really can learn a lot from such situation. Nobody can force you how to set up your minds and feelings. Feeling and set up of mind is actually controlled by ourselves through all the challenges in life.     

Thus you can  plan your travel based on your limited budgets which shall be really challenging and exiting. You can take a bus, bicycle, or just walk and travel in the neighborhood which you have never visited  and use your mind set and heart to control your feelings. You can also travel  on the sites of Blogs of your networks or fans and friends or listen to songs in the radio while you are writing and traveling with your ideas and mind in your blog.

Remember Happiness is in your mind and heart and nobody can steal that precious gift from you.

Jakarta 26 December 2009
Agung Supomo Suleiman