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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Walking and Going by Bus In Streets of Jakarta

Well today I am fasting, I feel so weak since I am fasting, so I went back home rather earlier, and start walking through the streets.I tried to take a bajai in front of the office building, but the river offered a rather expensive rate which is Rp15.000 so I just continue on walking.

I then just follow the street of dharmawangsa and reached fatmawati street, so I keep on walking along the fatmawati street, and I really feel weak, but I still keep on walking. I then took a bus, and sit at the very back of the bus and paid around Rp2.500 because I do not have any small money so I paid the kernet ( the ticket man) Rp,- and get a lot of small returns and I put it in my wallet after counting it quickly.

Well there was then 2 men singing, one playing a guitar and the other one is accompanying singing. He then showed us an open plastic for us to give him some tips for their singing such song.

Well that is a glance picture of what you can watch when you walk and go by bus in the Streets of Jakarta during the afternoon after working hours. Well that is all what I want to tell you this afternoon, since as I mentioned earlier that I like to write, and tell you the story of the streets in Jakarta Indonesia.


Thursday, 15 May 2008 hour :17.45 afternoon
written by Agung Supomo Suleiman

Monday, September 29, 2008

Greetings From Italy

Trip To Italy

Madurodam Here We Come

Eating Rice Wrapped Fish,Srimp Sate.Sate Egg

Well I am back home with my wife, just returning from the airport Sukarno Hatta, escorting my big sister in law who returns back to Surabaya. It took nearly one hour back from the airport to my home which consumed the same number of hour spent by her to reach Surabaya. Wauw, isn't it, strange, going by plane from one city to another city in Indonesia, consumes the same time spent by car from one place in Jakarta to another place.

Me and my wife just ate so called "nasi kucing" near my house at Jl. Fatmawati which taste very delicious, which consist of rice wrapped up with paper, added with fish, sate udang, sate baso, sate egg, sambal, which according to the server, it originates from Seragen,a place.located in Central Java . It really taste good.

Actually we often have seen such place of food near our house in Cipete, but this is our first time we tried eating such food, as suggested spontaniously by my wife. There is only one long bench available and the others are sitting in the carpet which is traditional Javanese style, like in Jogja we called lesehan. The foods are tasty and the servers are very friendly. Ok I think I have to stop telling my story since I think I should take a rest after a long night lack of sleeping due to my excitement in exploring the world of bloggers. Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 21.45 hours night at home.

A Trip To Jogyakarta - Borrobudur Temple - Volcano Mountain Merapi Indonesia

Well it was very exciting participating in the trip to Mount Merapi which height is around 2450 meters above the sea level (As a Comparison to Puncak after Bogor is around 1200 meters above sea level, Grassberg, Highland, where PT Freeport Indonesia's operation in Irian is located, around 4000 meters above sea level, Himalaya is around 8000 meters above sea level).

This volcano mountain is actually still active and is located in Central Java at Jogjakarta.The smoke coming of the Mount Merapi is called by the villagers as "Wedus Gembel". We were shown movies of the Mount Merapi which is very exiting and informative. We also went to the Borobudur Temple which is really very beautiful, and was guided by a tour guide who tells us the story of Budha as shown in the relieve surrounding the Borubudur Temple.

It was told that Budha means "Enlightment" or the man who has been enlighted by the light from God the All Mighty. Budha as been told in the relieve of the Temple is really concern of the poor and the needed people, which is reflected in the ribs of the poor people where their rib bones are showing that they are in hunger, and is close with Budha.

In the evening we went to see the Ramayana Story, where the moral of the story is the fight between the evil and the good in this world, where there is Dewi Shinta, Hanoman, the Monkeys, and other characters in the Wayang. Well it was really enjoing because the occasions was held by the alumni of Warung Dahlan and Warung Senggol of the Alumni Faculty Of Law, University of Indonesia.

O ya, we went to Jogja by Train departuring from Jakarta around 8.00 in the morning and we reached in Jogjakarta around 16.00 hours. We also went shopping batiks as souvenirs from Jogja. We returned from Jogja to Jakarta from around 9,00 night and arrived back in Jakarta around 5.00 clock in the morning.

I also want to tell, that when I was in the Hotel Room in Hotel Novotel in Jogyakarta, Indonesia, as well as in the batik stores in Jogya, I felt the vibration, detected in my head and thus I assume that there is sort of energy waves in that area which I can detect through this vibration(maybe) . Well I think this is all what I have to say about our trip to Jogyakarta and have a nice dream and trip to all of you who like to travel.

Monday 19 May 2008
23.00 hours

Still In Madurodam

Trip To Madurodam - Scheveningen - Holland

Break In Bali

Well, its really enjoyable, when we went to Bali last week. Me and my family really needs such break to refresh our mind and body after so many months doing our routine day to day activities. It was really nice relaxing and just viewing the beautiful view in Bali. It happens that it was a peak visiting seasons in Bali in the month of July 2008, where many foreigners and domestic tourists were really enjoying themselves in the beaches of Kuta in Bali. Its is really nice watching the nature of Bali whether it is in the morning, by walking and jogging in the Kuta beaches, and on the day, afternoon and watching sunset. We went to Sanur, GTW, Jimbrani, Dream Land Beaches which waves are really fantastic. At night we also went to Jimbrani, dining in the beaches eating sea food with candlelights,and hearing the waves of the Jimbrani beaches. We were lucky because there was Tia's friends from Bali who has treated us dining and tasting the tasty foods of Bali.We stayed in a nice hotel near the beaches of Sanur so called Yulia Hotel, its is not big but really very nice and pleasant place to stay. We stayed there for around 5 nights, where we booked when we arrived in Bali. We were lucky to get a room even though we have to change rooms due to the fully booked room since it was a peak visiting seasons. We rented a car for 2 days. Well it was really nice going to Bali and I think every family needs such break together with their family to strengthen their family bond and ties and at the same time admiring the beauty of nature such as Bali.
Sunday, August 10th, 2008