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Monday, September 29, 2008

Eating Rice Wrapped Fish,Srimp Sate.Sate Egg

Well I am back home with my wife, just returning from the airport Sukarno Hatta, escorting my big sister in law who returns back to Surabaya. It took nearly one hour back from the airport to my home which consumed the same number of hour spent by her to reach Surabaya. Wauw, isn't it, strange, going by plane from one city to another city in Indonesia, consumes the same time spent by car from one place in Jakarta to another place.

Me and my wife just ate so called "nasi kucing" near my house at Jl. Fatmawati which taste very delicious, which consist of rice wrapped up with paper, added with fish, sate udang, sate baso, sate egg, sambal, which according to the server, it originates from Seragen,a place.located in Central Java . It really taste good.

Actually we often have seen such place of food near our house in Cipete, but this is our first time we tried eating such food, as suggested spontaniously by my wife. There is only one long bench available and the others are sitting in the carpet which is traditional Javanese style, like in Jogja we called lesehan. The foods are tasty and the servers are very friendly. Ok I think I have to stop telling my story since I think I should take a rest after a long night lack of sleeping due to my excitement in exploring the world of bloggers. Wednesday, 28 May 2008, 21.45 hours night at home.

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