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Visit Indonesia

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Must Visit Jakarta Indonesia

Yes, you must visit Jakarta, because every time you visit Jakarta there are always new Buildings built all over Jakarta;
  • This is the sign and indication  that development is still occurring in Jakarta; Even though in other parts of the world there are economic recessions, in Jakarta it appears buildings are still being constructed;     
I lived in the South part of Jakarta, where on the way  back home from my office,  I always go through Antarsari where there is a Fly over being built to accommodate the increasing number of cars going from Lebak Bulus or Simatupang to the Central part of Jakarta and visa versus.
  • On the left side of the Antasari and Fly over you can see this new construction of the so called Kemang Village being made. Jakarta as a growing village is continuously shaping itself,  but of course you cannot make a comparison with other big cities in the world, because Jakarta starts from a Village so called Batavia, Jayakarta and now called Jakarta,    which plenty of  urbans from many parts of Indonesia are immigrating to Jakarta to seek for a better life, which is just similar to any parts of the world; 
So every time there is a new construction it of course  needs plenty of  labors, engineers, architects  to construct the new buildings and once the buildings are finished develop,  there are  plenty of office boys, restaurants employees and securities attached to such new buildings; This is one of the result or affect of the development of Jakarta; This of course has to be followed by cars and public transportation that had to be managed by the Authorized Institution.     
  • By having said the above, if you want to see the rythm and beat of a growing village becoming a new Metropolitan City of Jakarta, you  must visit Jakarta and see yourself of the multi complexity of  Jakarta which is the city where I am now living;
Cheers, Jakarta 17 October 2012
Agung S.Suleiman            

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Driving Car And Ate Fish Soup at Aroma Restaurant

Well, this morning after checking Blood and Urine in one of the Clinic in Jakarta to detect our level of cholesterol,   I drove my car with my wife and ate delicious fish soup in the North Part of Jakarta so called Sop Ikan Aroma in the area of Pluit, North Jakarta; The fish soup tastes really delicious and is also healthy; We also drank Medan Coffee which was really nice and taste full. Sometimes you need just driving with your wife and go to some special places like this Fish soup Aroma Restaurant located   in the North Part of Jakarta.

  • We just drive both of us, and went to eat Fish Soup at Aroma Restaurant at Pluit North Jakarta spontaneously, which is sort of a therapy to maintain our relation by  trying to find a method to avoid stress from our day to day routine condition; We find it very helpful to go somewhere outside from our area of living, which is South Jakarta and went to the North Part of Jakarta; Since today is Saturday we had scheduled to conduct such blood and urine checking in our friend's clinic, but the journey to taste such Fish Soup is just a spontaneous idea from my wife which I really agree;
Even though it is just short journey it really is helpful and useful  for both of us in trying to maintain our relation, during our coming old ages after 2 (two) of our children had finished their University Study; For me myself  I am already 61 years old, where I am feeling sort of in the transition period and try to balance my life within working and facing the new phase of my dawn stage age of my life, where I really have to maintain health and avoid stressful life, for the sake of my health.

Jakarta 13 October 2012
Agung S.Suleiman