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Visit Indonesia

Monday, April 25, 2016

Simpang Lima is the ICON of Semarang City West Jawa Indonesia
At one time I went to Semarang with my wife by train from Gambir Jakarta. It was really an interesting trip, where we departured early in the morning, since I had to go further to Bajanegara City to take my oath as Lawyer during such time.
  • I really enjoyed the trip to Semarang by train. The train was  with full AC so it's very cool and pleasant. As soon as we arrived at Simpang Lima we than ate our breakfast in one of the place of  food court by eating soto which was  really delicious. To give you a glance snapshot picture of the Simpang Lima we can obtain some nice pictures from the website,  which I cut paste and share it with the readers.

In Simpang Lima you can take a becak and go  the places where you can buy and eat specific Semarang Food so called Lumpia where I have also cut paste from one of the website as shown below. Lima or you may called it Five Corners is the specific Icon of the City of Semarang. For your easy referrence  Semarang is a quite City in the Middle part of Jawa. If you like traveling I recommend you to go and visit Semarang so that it could enriched your perception of the Indonesian culture and climate where you can feel the warmth   hospitality of the inhabitant of Semarang.

Once you arived at the place of the Lumpia food, by taking a becak,  we can enjoy ourselves sight  seeing by walking  along  the streets and really enjoyed the quiteness and politeness of the inhabitants,  where they will kindly show us the places for buying this specific  traditional Lumpia food, whereby  in Jakarta you can also find such Lumpia food in certain restaurants, but buying such food in Semarang as the original place of this specific traditional Semarang food, will give you the exitements tasting and fellings of  such traditional  foods.
  • Since I had to go to Bajanegara, I spend only a couple of days in Semarang. At night you can also enjoy walking in Simpang Lima and also try to taste some food in Simpang Lima.  Well this is a glance travel story about Simpang Lima Semarang City West Jawa Indonesia,  which may give a glance picture to travelers where the Writer will tell another story about visit to Semarang of Lawang Sewu or the Thousand Doors and other interesting spotlight  places which Traveler explorer have to visit in Semarang City West Jawa. 
Hasta La Vista 
Jakarta 25 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Yes, I really enjoyed traveling to Banyuwangi which is located in the East Part of the Island of Jawa Indonesia. You can go by car to Banyuwangi from Surabaya or from Gilimanuk Bali. Economic spill over from the Island of Bali is occuring in Banyuwangi.
There are several hotels that you can stay at Banyuwangi. So if you happen to be in Bali Gilimanuk and you want to go to Banyuwangi which is at the edge of East  Jawa, you can take a Ferry to move accross from Gilimanuk to Banyuwangi. If you prefer to go on the road from Surabaya you may found many green view from your car,  which is  hilly and green.
So it really depends upon you as traveler to choose the mode of transportation. You may notice that the Electricity transmition  line from Jawa to Bali is from the underwater starting from Banyuwangi, because Paiton Power Plant is  located at Banyuwangi or the way to Banywangi.
You may find in the websites links among others  LINK VISIT  BANYUWANGI. We as Indonesian sometimes do not  realize that Indonesia is an archipelago spreading from the Island of Sumatera to the East part of Indonesia, with many big islands and small islands separated by sea, causing  us not to  know that there are other places besides Jakarta or Surabaya that you can visit and travel around within the Island of Jawa. 
Frankly  speaking for me it was my first time to go to Banyuwangi, eventhough my parents came from the Eastern part of Jawa which is Malang and Madura. Thus when I first  travel with my relatives by car from Surabaya to Banyuwangi, for me it was really interesting and amazing because I did not realize that on the Eastern  part of Jawa there are also many Hilly and Green places to freshen our eyes, by which Banyuwangi, is a combination between Hilly Places and Sea.  
The purchasing power of the population from Banyuwangi is relatively good, since the prices in stores are for buyers who are affordable, which is because of the economic multiplier affect from Bali where lots of workers who worked in Bali actually stayed in Banyuwangi where they go by Ferry from Banyuwangi to Gilimanuk. My stay in Banyuwangi was at the end of the Year 2015 and it was really a nice and sweet memorable trip for me and my wife who leaves in Jakarta. Well Folks Adzan from the Mosque nearby my home is already calling us to pray see you on your Trip to Indonesia including Banyuwangi.
Jakarta 24 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman    

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trip to Siem Reap Cambodia - Angkor Wat World Heritage

Well it is very interesting trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia  where you are being brought to the 11 th Century where Angkor Wat was constructed and built with Hindu and Budha's influencing the belief, culture, art and architecture to this World Heritage. 
  • The Art relief is similar to the Borobudur in Indonesia which was build around the 7th Century where Budha believes are strongly felt and shape the Art Relief of Borobudur  Temple.

Astonishingly, for me there seems to be a historical link between the people of Cambodia and Indonesia since the sound of the traditional  music, the dressing and foods are having close similarity.
  • The difference from my instant perspective view and perception is that in Indonesia most of the population (around 90%) at this present moment of the 21st Century are having muslim faith,  whereas in Cambodia the Budha followers are still attached as the majority faith in their day to day life in this modern Era;

It appears that travelers either traders, as well as people movement during the past centuries, where no modern transportation system are yet developed may have strong influence and shaped the art, culture, architecture and belief system in the places where they move and stayed. 
  • Champa people in Cambodia now a days seems to be maintaining the Bahasa Melayu which is similar to the Indonesian langguage where most of them appears to be muslim where muslim followers are only 10% or minority of the total population in Cambodia. 

By having been given the chance by the Creator to travel to countries where there are World Heritage such as Camdodia it really broaden our awareness and understanding of the spiritual, art, culture   journey of mankind from the past Centuries until this 21st Century.     
    We will start appreciating other peoples cross culture experience and the way of life as well as the way they think and manage to survive until this Global Rapid Era that we are facing.  
 Fragmentation and snapshots of every era and period of time zone does not stand by  itself  but are shaped and processed  through time and  places journey and travel brought by the movement of people from one place to other places in this One World that we all live in. 

  • Modern life and Past history are simultaneously exposing themselves side by side through this modern fast and rapid transportation era  and can be published instantly by us through blogs and facebook and shared with all of us which can broaden our understanding of the world including the people living separated geographically by oceans but can instantly be connected rapidly with each other through the blogs as well as  facebooks media...
Jakarta 9 May 2013
Agung S.Suleiman

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You Must Visit Jakarta Indonesia

Yes, you must visit Jakarta, because every time you visit Jakarta there are always new Buildings built all over Jakarta;
  • This is the sign and indication  that development is still occurring in Jakarta; Even though in other parts of the world there are economic recessions, in Jakarta it appears buildings are still being constructed;     
I lived in the South part of Jakarta, where on the way  back home from my office,  I always go through Antarsari where there is a Fly over being built to accommodate the increasing number of cars going from Lebak Bulus or Simatupang to the Central part of Jakarta and visa versus.
  • On the left side of the Antasari and Fly over you can see this new construction of the so called Kemang Village being made. Jakarta as a growing village is continuously shaping itself,  but of course you cannot make a comparison with other big cities in the world, because Jakarta starts from a Village so called Batavia, Jayakarta and now called Jakarta,    which plenty of  urbans from many parts of Indonesia are immigrating to Jakarta to seek for a better life, which is just similar to any parts of the world; 
So every time there is a new construction it of course  needs plenty of  labors, engineers, architects  to construct the new buildings and once the buildings are finished develop,  there are  plenty of office boys, restaurants employees and securities attached to such new buildings; This is one of the result or affect of the development of Jakarta; This of course has to be followed by cars and public transportation that had to be managed by the Authorized Institution.     
  • By having said the above, if you want to see the rythm and beat of a growing village becoming a new Metropolitan City of Jakarta, you  must visit Jakarta and see yourself of the multi complexity of  Jakarta which is the city where I am now living;
Cheers, Jakarta 17 October 2012
Agung S.Suleiman            

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just Driving Car And Ate Fish Soup at Aroma Restaurant

Well, this morning after checking Blood and Urine in one of the Clinic in Jakarta to detect our level of cholesterol,   I drove my car with my wife and ate delicious fish soup in the North Part of Jakarta so called Sop Ikan Aroma in the area of Pluit, North Jakarta; The fish soup tastes really delicious and is also healthy; We also drank Medan Coffee which was really nice and taste full. Sometimes you need just driving with your wife and go to some special places like this Fish soup Aroma Restaurant located   in the North Part of Jakarta.

  • We just drive both of us, and went to eat Fish Soup at Aroma Restaurant at Pluit North Jakarta spontaneously, which is sort of a therapy to maintain our relation by  trying to find a method to avoid stress from our day to day routine condition; We find it very helpful to go somewhere outside from our area of living, which is South Jakarta and went to the North Part of Jakarta; Since today is Saturday we had scheduled to conduct such blood and urine checking in our friend's clinic, but the journey to taste such Fish Soup is just a spontaneous idea from my wife which I really agree;
Even though it is just short journey it really is helpful and useful  for both of us in trying to maintain our relation, during our coming old ages after 2 (two) of our children had finished their University Study; For me myself  I am already 61 years old, where I am feeling sort of in the transition period and try to balance my life within working and facing the new phase of my dawn stage age of my life, where I really have to maintain health and avoid stressful life, for the sake of my health.

Jakarta 13 October 2012
Agung S.Suleiman    

Monday, May 7, 2012

24th SSYEAP International General Assembly SIGA JAPAN 2012

Yes, it was really exiting being invited as the Foster Parents by SIGA Japan 2012, who held the 24th Ship for South East Asia Youth Program ("SSYEAP") International General Assembly  in Tokyo at Hotel New Otani, Tokyo; All the Participant stayed in Hotel New Otani Tokyo; During this Visit  besides attending this International General Assembly,  we visited Mount Fuji and also Tokyo Tower
  • The season was spring so the temperature was not so cold  outside the Hotel. My wife, me and my son was invited as Foster families, where in this SSYEAP,  each and every Year since the Year of  2007, our family  as Foster Parents and Foster family had been receiving several youths from different countries of Japan and South East Asia staying in our house,   when the Fujimaru Ship arrived and stop over in Jakarta Indonesia; This  Fujimaru Ship is carrying around  350  Youths from Japan and South East Asia Youth from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, Philipines, Kambodja sailing for around 50 Days and visited Japan and this South East Asia Countries.  This Program is held by the Japanese Government and the South East Asia Government where the Youth can expose  in exchanging their culture (cross culture), communications skill, and are  being experienced in knowing the way of life of the families of the Home where they stayed for 3 days in each country during the 50 days trip.    
  • For me it was actually the second time  to visit Tokyo, which my first visit was back in 1970, when my father (who had passed away) as a diplomat went back to Indonesia from Argentina with our family, and stopped over in Tokyo where we visited Tokyo Tower
  • Thanks to ALLAH, in this Year, April  2012  my wife  me and  my son  had  the opportunity to visit Tokyo Tower. I am very great full and thank full  to ALLAH  who has given the chance  to my  dearest wife, to be active  in participating in the role as Foster parents in this SSYEAP venue. The Indonesian Participating Youth  and  the  Foster Parents and Foster Families from Indonesia representing the Indonesian Delegates  were invited by SIGA Japan 2012 to attend this General Assembly; On this Year the Malaysian Delegates were the largest delegation where around 100 Participants were attending this occasion.   
  • Giving a glance picture  in the Public Transportation, I can see that  the Subway train is really very efficient and effective way to travel in Tokyo,  where there are always maps available to be taken by us  showing the name of the Station and with numbering system, where we can view that many Japanese workers are taking this subway train to go their office and back home. 
We can always grap a map in the subway station  and also can see inside the train  the electronic board sign which shows the next train stop over or station that we are heading. On the first day there were 2 guides from  the Indonesian delegation who is staying in Japan or coming back and forth to Japan and Indonesia. On the Second day, me and my wife and Lia  had tried to take the Subway by ourselves where we can asked the Station Officers  our way and by looking at the map and the electronic  board sign in the train;   I  think  Jakarta  which every day experienced heavy traffic jam can really learn from Japan how to manage a modern, manageable, efficient and effective  mass public transportation. Well this is just a glance view of my visit to Tokyo this April 2012;
Jakarta, May 07, 2012
Agung S.Suleiman   

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, it was really quite a while that I did not write in this Travel Blog of mine.I hope everything is ok with all of you at your end Today is May 6 2011 Saturday in Jakarta.  The weather in Jakarta is rather cloudy today. By the way I do not know what to write. I just  open my lap top but I feel that I am stuck and cannot think clear. Perhaps this is an indication that I need a Break, I feel that my brain needs some break after working hard last week. But since I do not know where to go I open this blog of mine called Agungss Travel Blog.

My age is nearly reaching 60 Years, but it appears that I am still busy with my work. My friends says that I am energetic, Well, I am just  a normal human being who happens to be still working and I feel I need some way to manage my way of life particularly how to operate as an Independent Business Lawyer AgsS Law, where and at the same time I am being seconded and is responsible to lead the Legal Department in an oil Company in  Jakarta Indonesia, who is facing its Commercial Production. ;

Life is full of surprises you never can tell and predict. Well, if you work hard you really also need to have a break and travel at least just walking in the streets  within your neighborhood and try to release your stress.

The other alternative is  by writing in your blog, for me at least, it is also a method to release the stress  from your day to day routine work; It is like a therapy for me because you can just relax and express your feelings through your fingers tips dancing and traveling with your thoughts and mind in your blog. 

You may also put your radio on,  while writing in your blog and listen to the music and watch out from your window the view outside of your house. It is really amazing knowing that you are still useful to others who needs contribution of your skill,  which in my case happens  to be providing  Legal Services and works to protect your Clients needs in pursuing their goal and venture in the Oil Industries in Indonesia.

As long as you are focused and like your professional work you feel that when you are drafting agreement you feel as if you are traveling with your mind and ideas which is really enjoyable and  fun for me at least.

  • But, since it is also within your responsibility how to manage the legal load work in the Oil Company and running your firm at the same time you sometimes feel that you need to manage time and manpower properly to cope with the working load.

By visiting your own Travel Blog at least you can release your stressful mind for a while. Well, you are the one who have to seek ways to face stuck condition in your mind. You must find a method and ways to overcome such obstacles which are blocking your mind. One of my method is just by expressing my feelings in my Blog.
Have a Nice week end

Jakarta, 7 May 2011
Agung S.Suleiman