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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trip to Siem Reap Cambodia - Angkor Wat World Heritage

Well it is very interesting trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia  where you are being brought to the 11 th Century where Angkor Wat was constructed and built with Hindu and Budha's influencing the belief, culture, art and architecture to this World Heritage. 
  • The Art relief is similar to the Borobudur in Indonesia which was build around the 7th Century where Budha believes are strongly felt and shape the Art Relief of Borobudur  Temple.

Astonishingly, for me there seems to be a historical link between the people of Cambodia and Indonesia since the sound of the traditional  music, the dressing and foods are having close similarity.
  • The difference from my instant perspective view and perception is that in Indonesia most of the population (around 90%) at this present moment of the 21st Century are having muslim faith,  whereas in Cambodia the Budha followers are still attached as the majority faith in their day to day life in this modern Era;

It appears that travelers either traders, as well as people movement during the past centuries, where no modern transportation system are yet developed may have strong influence and shaped the art, culture, architecture and belief system in the places where they move and stayed. 
  • Champa people in Cambodia now a days seems to be maintaining the Bahasa Melayu which is similar to the Indonesian langguage where most of them appears to be muslim where muslim followers are only 10% or minority of the total population in Cambodia. 

By having been given the chance by the Creator to travel to countries where there are World Heritage such as Camdodia it really broaden our awareness and understanding of the spiritual, art, culture   journey of mankind from the past Centuries until this 21st Century.     
    We will start appreciating other peoples cross culture experience and the way of life as well as the way they think and manage to survive until this Global Rapid Era that we are facing.  
 Fragmentation and snapshots of every era and period of time zone does not stand by  itself  but are shaped and processed  through time and  places journey and travel brought by the movement of people from one place to other places in this One World that we all live in. 

  • Modern life and Past history are simultaneously exposing themselves side by side through this modern fast and rapid transportation era  and can be published instantly by us through blogs and facebook and shared with all of us which can broaden our understanding of the world including the people living separated geographically by oceans but can instantly be connected rapidly with each other through the blogs as well as  facebooks media...
Jakarta 9 May 2013
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