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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Memories in Buenos Aires

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  • Thanks to God, I onced experienced living in Buenos Aires Argentina back in the year 1970
  • I spent there for 1 (one) year after I passed my high school from the Indonesian School in Wassenar Holland.
  • What I liked most, during my stay in Argentina  is the food called Lomo (baked -beef) and Chinculin, it is really tasty.You can also drink milk with banana, which is very delicious, strange isn't but I remember it is really cool.
  • During my stay in Argentina I lived with my Father, Mother, brothers and sisters  at Marisca Ramon Castilla 3000 Buenos Aires .Yes, the number of the houses in one street can reach the number of 3000.   We sometimes watch,  enjoy and listen to the Traditional Gauchos Music

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    where the men are wearing the Gauchos Dresses and wearing sort of cowboy shoes and they played the guitars and this huge big drum. 

  • They performed the dances by sort of step-dancing with their Boots following the beat of the drums.
  • In the center City of Buenos Aires we may found Plaza de Mayo, which is the well known statutes made  in honor of the political and social events that took place in Buenos Aires during May 1810. 
  • From the history we may noticed that there was a  bloodless "revolution" which occurred on May 25 with the installation of a local government in Buenos Aires which was not chosen by Spain, who was  the ruling imperial power during those period of  time. 
  • Full independence of Argentina  from Spain was declared on  1816. Until this present moment this Plaza De Mayo is considered as the center of political activity, and many demonstrations have been held in this place. 

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  • In the Capital City of Argentina you can found The Presidential Palace which  is called La Casa Rosada which means  The Pink House. It is located across the street from the Plaza de Mayo.
  • It was really a sweet memory, and I wish that someday I can visit such beautiful nice place.
    I have the impression that Argentinians are very extended family type of people, where when they gather to eat,  it will be with a long table,  where all of the extended families shall gather and eat the delicious foods where Barbeque  Lomo and Chincullin will be their favourite food. 
  • The inhabitants in Argentina is like a "melting pot", where  there are  many "mix ethnic families" from different parts of the world.  
    Well folks, those are my sweet memories during my stay in Buenos Aires.
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  • Jakarta, 17th October 2009
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

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Frederik said...

You have so many great memories!
I'm planning to travel to Argentina next year; can you give me some recommendations? I want to stay in one of the apartments in Buenos Aires with some friends.