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Visit Indonesia

Friday, October 16, 2009


  • If you feel Panic and Stress, you just stop your routine work and try to find a break
  • You just skip out of your office and stay at home, because home is your place to break and rest from your panic and stress
  • Take a nap and sleep.
  • after a while you feel much better and just pick up something to read and your mind will follow the contents of the articles that you are reading
  • You may also open your laptop and just start on writing what is in your mind 
  • You may be astonished that you are feeling as if you are traveling with your mind through your lap top
  • Of you have a blog then you may start writing the contents in your blog about something that you like to write about
  • it will surely ease your Panic and Stress
  • You may open the below articles

    • Well, you must come up with something in your head and mind.
    • The world keeps spinning around
    • Life goes on, and the time passes by
    • So just release your stress by writing in your blog and travel in your blog by writing the things that you like to write
    • It is you who can help and nobody else but you.
    Jakarta, 16th October 2009
    Agung Supomo Suleiman

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