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Monday, October 26, 2009

Travel to Bogor Indonesia

Well, Bogor is a small but beautiful city located between Jakarta and Puncak. You can found the Presidential Bogor Palace and Kebun Raya Bogor ( Botanical Garden)  where  you may found  many species of Trees in side such Park. I experienced  leaving in Bogor during my childhood for over 9 months, where we stayed at Hotel Salak Bogor.

It was quite interesting staying in Bogor because you may found many bats hanging on the trees at the Botanical Garden. When I was childhood we usually took  the rubbers from the Rubber Trees and made rubber balls,  so that we can play footballs with such rubber balls. It was  really fun and enjoying.  Now a days, I do not know whether  there are children taking the rubbers from the Rubber Tress.

My school was not so far from Hotel Salak. According to the information we found from the website of Hotel Salak Salak you may noticed that this hotel was built in 1856 during the Dutch colonial era and was originally named Binnenhoff Hotel and since September 1998 was  refurnished and reopened with modern colonial style.    

I do not quite remember whether this Hotel was renovated during our stay at this Hotel for 9 months in around 1963. But the important thing,  is that I really enjoyed my staying at Bogor, West Java, Indonesia   because we frequently watched   the deers  which you may found them in the Park or garden of the Presidential Park of Bogor.

According to the information which we may found in one of the blogs

Bogor Botanical Gardenwe obtained the information that Bogor  was the capital of Indonesia during the British occupation under Stamford Raffles and was used as the capital by the Dutch during the dry season, then known as Buitenzorg (meaning "beyond worry").

I took this photo beautiful  photo from

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Jakarta, 26 October 2009
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