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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remembering the Beautiful Country of China

  • I was still at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade in the Elementary School at the Sacred Heart School in Peking China,  in the early 1959 -1962,  when I and my family  stayed in China, during my father's post as the Indonesian Diplomat in China.
  • During those period of time all the Chinese people were wearing blue color Cloths, but for me as the son of a foreign diplomat posted in China, Peking was really my interesting part of my children experience. Every afternoon we ice skated at the International Club which was really very exiting for us. I have many friends from such international school coming from various countries such as Burma his name was Kenneth and Charles, from Srilanka his name was Anil, from Yugoslavia his name was Goran, from India his name was Balan, and from Nepal  their names were Rabindra and Jitendra. Well at the Sacred  Heart School playing music was an obligatory and I had picked  violin lesson for 3 years. During my stay in Peking we went to the Tianamen Square and the Great Wall.
  • I have quoted some writing articles  from
    Quote :
    There are three sections of the Great Wall of China that are well preserved: the Badaling, which is reached by bus or car from Beijing, the Simatai and Mutianyu in. The best views are to Simatai, where from its vantage points will be lost in the distance, between the mountains curve the trail of the Great Wall of China. 7300 kilometers of stone leading from the coast of the Yellow Sea to venture into the Gobi desert. 135 watchtowers and three steps: those of Shanghai, Juyong and Niángzi.

    The Great Wall of China (6) por g_heyde.
    Today, more than 2000 years later, he acknowledged the great merit of this work of art by giving it the honor of being considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.


  • We also went to many places where there were many Budha Temples such as the sleeping Budha etc, and we also went to the Summer Palace where I remember there was a lake there. It was really very enjoying for me during that  time, since I was just in the elementary school, and thus  there was really no burden to me as a child, where  we just learn a lot and play a lot with my international friends from  various countries among others Yugoslavia, Burma, India, Srilanka  during such childhood stage . 
  • There was this Store called Pai Ho Tallo, where diplomats usually went there, since it is sort of a Free Duty Store,  but I do not know whether it is still there now. My parents rented sort of a small Bajaj ( I forget the name ), for us as the children to go to our school at the Sacred Heart School Peking.  Well that was a brief  remembering stories staying in Peking China during  my childhood, and   I hope that at one time I may have the time to visit China, Peking again.
  • If you are interested to go to Peking or Beijing, China you may see it at the below Blog/Website  
  • travelchinaguide 
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  • Agung Supomo Suleiman
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