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Friday, October 9, 2009

Mei Ching Seafood Restaurant BANGKA South Sumatera Indonesia

  • If you go to Bangka you must try the below Sea Food Restaurant. My friends ILUNI 1973 IKABA  friends from the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia had tried the delicious seafood at this restaurant. The foods are tastefull  fishes, crabs, shrimps.  
  • It is really fun and enjoyable having many nice friends who likes to share their stories and share their kindness of friendships between ourselves.
  • You can imagine we were students at the same Faculty of Law University of Indonesia back  in the Year 1973


  • Now it is already the Year of  2009. 
  • So it had been 36 Years that we have maintained our relations and still keep on our friendships and travel together to Banka Island at South Sumatera,  being sponsored by one of our friends who likes to share his happiness with his friends by bringing us all to Bangka Island, where we than visited and ate at this Mei Ching Seafood Restaurant in Bangka.       

Quote : 

During the 17th Century, Hindu people from Siantan and Johor of Malaysia inhabited Bangka Island. Subsequently it was occupied by Sriwijaya Kingdom (686 AD) who was written "Wangka" which means "Tin" on a stone, that's why Bangka Island is also called "Tin Island", the stone was found in the Western part of the island, near Kota Kapur, now the stone still can be seen at the National Museum in Jakarta.

Bangka was ceded to Britain by sultan of Palembang in 1812, but in 1814 it was exchanged with the Dutch for Cochin in India. The Japanese from 1942 to 1945 occupied the island. It became part of Indonesia independent in 1949. The island, together with neighboring Belitung, was formerly part of South Sumatra province, but in 2000 the two islands became the new province of Bangka-Belitung. Bangka is famous for two other events; the Banka Island Massacre in WWII by the Japanese of Australian Nurses and as reputedly the setting for the book "Lord Jim" by Joseph Conrad. Bangka is also home to a number of Indonesians communist that has been under house arrest since the 1960's and are not permitted to leave the island.
  • Jakarta 9 October 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman

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