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Sunday, November 16, 2008

35 th SSEAYP Year 2008


  • It was really exiting for our family to participate as the Foster Parents of the 35 SSEAYP (South East Asia Youth Program) this Year of 2008. This SSEAYP program is the program participated by several South East Asia Youth representing several Countries from Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Laos Cambodia (Myanmar), Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia.
  • There are among others around 300 South East Asia Youth participating in this 35 th SSEAYAP this Year of 2008.
  • The interesting part is that they will travel by Ship so called "Nippon Maru", to several Countries from Japan, Muara Brunei, Indonesia (Jakarta), Bangkok (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Manila Philippines and Back to Japan.
  • This Year we are being the Foster Parents of Shimizu Wataru ( nickname :Shimmy ) from Japan and Phongsathorn Koaysomboon( nicname Top) from Thailand.
  • They are both around their 25 Years of age. Shimmy is working in the Department of Industry and Finance in Nara, Japan and Top is working as Journalist in a Magazine in Bangkok.
  • Based on the books that were given by Top to us shows that there are 28 guys and girls from Thailand where their journey begun after they had passed those trial and exams.
  • As Fosters Parents we fetched them from Taman Mini Indonesia, where they had professionally given their fantastic culture show from their countries.
  • It was really exiting watching the shows from several countries, which really enriched our mind and soul and bound our relation between the Fosters Parents and the Participants Youths (or PY s so they were called).
  • The Speeches from Ibu Tambunan, representing the Governor of Jakarta, was interesting where she yelled the motto Enjoy Jakarta, and was responded enthuastically by the Participant Youths.
  • Well, after watching the culture show, we went to Pondok Indah Mall, to try to get some meals, and meet my son, after he had took his french language exams, but it was already closed since it was already around 10 o'clock in the night.
  • We then went straight ahead to our house, where they will stay for 2 nights since on Saturday afternoon, they will go back to the Nippon Maru ship to continue their journey to Thailand.
  • The following day, my son Dwi had escorted Top and Shimmy to several places in Jakarta among others the old city of Jakarta, Ancol, Kemang.
  • We showed them the Hotel Indonesia which was the first High Rising Hotel in Indonesia including the Welcome Statue, where the are 2 person a Boy and a Girl bringing flowers to show their welcome to the participant of Asian Games during the Early 1960' s.
  • We also told them that the Hotel Indonesia Circles is usually used by the protesters in Indonesia as the strategic place to show their protests.
  • We went to Sarinah Thamrin, for souvenirs and we then went to have our lunch at Gajah Mada Noodle ( Bakmi Gajah Mada) which is really famous in Jakarta for its noodles.
  • Top had taken pictures of this Gajah Mada restaurant and note down the histories of this Gajah Mada Noodle which started from the Street at Gajah Mada Street. Top is a journalist in Bangkok and is mastering much information and data such as the price of properties in Bangkok, since he profession is a journalist
  • During such Lunch Shimmy teaches us the Japanese traditional before eating you have to say " Itadakisamu" or lets eat. And after having our lunch we say : "gothisosama" Thank you for the lunch.
  • We then droved them back to Nippon Maru where they will continue their 52 days journey on the next destination to Bangkok, Thailand the paradise place for foods, as been told by Top.
  • Bon Voyage, to Shimmy and Top ...till we meet again.
  • Oh ya, during the 34 th SSEAYP Year 2007, we were being the Foster Parents of Sean from Singapore and Sou Liyong So Inxay( nickname T-Lex) from Laos...we all miss you both. When I went to Singapore, on a business trip, around 2 months ago, if I am not mistaken, I had met Shawn, who came to my hotel around the back of the Orchard Road. It was really nice meeting him during such trip to Singapore.
Agung Supomo Suleiman and Septi Winaryanti (your Foster Parents), Dwi and Tia (who is currently studying for her Post Graduate Program in Holland)
November 17, 2008
17.20 hours Indonesia Western Time


top said...

I look funny in those pictures papa.

Agung Supomo Suleiman said...

Hi Top
I think you are very energetic and have lots of net working and human relation talent
in Jakarta