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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its a must to go to Bandung

If you are a foreigner I recommend you to go to Bandung. Why is it so interesting to go to Bandung? One of the reasoning most people loves to go to Bandung is the panorama and view which many parts are hilly. If you go Bandung from Jakarta, you can go by the highway toll which will take around 2(two) and a half hours to reach Bandung.

Once you reached Bandung    
you can feel the view and surroundings which are different compared to Jakarta.

Bandung is not a big city, but is a nice and beautiful town, where you can feel the warmth and calmness of the nature.

The specific things that you may found in Bandung are among others the places to eat which are mostly designed to be combined with the given beautiful panorama nature as a selling point which makes Bandung attractive for Jakarta people who needs some break from their day to day fatigue and stress full work.

On Saturdays most of the domestic visitors are coming from Jakarta which can be identified by the police numbers of the vehicles.

This may contribute traffic jam to the city of Bandung. You may also found many out lets in Bandung where you can buy many casual dress from t shirts, jeans and many other types of casual dress. You may also found coats and sweaters, since the weather in Bandung at night may be cold compared to Jakarta.

One of the interesting part of Bandung which we can observe by us, is that every time there is a new out let or new place to eat, people are eager to go and try to taste the food and seek for new opportunities in shopping t shirts and other lovely casual dress.

Most of the population in Bandung are young students because Bandung is well known as student city including the well known Bandung Institute Technology, University Padjadjaran and several other well known Universities.

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