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Visit Indonesia

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Yes, it was really quite a while that I did not write in this Travel Blog of mine.I hope everything is ok with all of you at your end Today is May 6 2011 Saturday in Jakarta.  The weather in Jakarta is rather cloudy today. By the way I do not know what to write. I just  open my lap top but I feel that I am stuck and cannot think clear. Perhaps this is an indication that I need a Break, I feel that my brain needs some break after working hard last week. But since I do not know where to go I open this blog of mine called Agungss Travel Blog.

My age is nearly reaching 60 Years, but it appears that I am still busy with my work. My friends says that I am energetic, Well, I am just  a normal human being who happens to be still working and I feel I need some way to manage my way of life particularly how to operate as an Independent Business Lawyer AgsS Law, where and at the same time I am being seconded and is responsible to lead the Legal Department in an oil Company in  Jakarta Indonesia, who is facing its Commercial Production. ;

Life is full of surprises you never can tell and predict. Well, if you work hard you really also need to have a break and travel at least just walking in the streets  within your neighborhood and try to release your stress.

The other alternative is  by writing in your blog, for me at least, it is also a method to release the stress  from your day to day routine work; It is like a therapy for me because you can just relax and express your feelings through your fingers tips dancing and traveling with your thoughts and mind in your blog. 

You may also put your radio on,  while writing in your blog and listen to the music and watch out from your window the view outside of your house. It is really amazing knowing that you are still useful to others who needs contribution of your skill,  which in my case happens  to be providing  Legal Services and works to protect your Clients needs in pursuing their goal and venture in the Oil Industries in Indonesia.

As long as you are focused and like your professional work you feel that when you are drafting agreement you feel as if you are traveling with your mind and ideas which is really enjoyable and  fun for me at least.

  • But, since it is also within your responsibility how to manage the legal load work in the Oil Company and running your firm at the same time you sometimes feel that you need to manage time and manpower properly to cope with the working load.

By visiting your own Travel Blog at least you can release your stressful mind for a while. Well, you are the one who have to seek ways to face stuck condition in your mind. You must find a method and ways to overcome such obstacles which are blocking your mind. One of my method is just by expressing my feelings in my Blog.
Have a Nice week end

Jakarta, 7 May 2011
Agung S.Suleiman