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Visit Indonesia

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Balikpapan Kalimantan Indonesia

When I was assigned as the Inhouse Legal Counsel in Huffco Indonesia an oil and Gas Company, I frequently went to Balikpapan, East Kalimatan Indonesia. Balikpapan is a nice city, where several Oil and Gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia are having its office at Balikpapan, Kalimantan Indonesia. I usually stayed at Bena Kutai Hotel.  

Balikpapan is located East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan is rich of  natural resources such Oil and Gas as well as Timber and Coal Mining. There are 2 harbors, namely Semayang and Kariangau (a ferry harbour). The International Airport in Balikpapan is called Sepinggan International Airport..

There are several Oil and Gas Housing Complex where for Huffco (now Vico) is located at Gunung Bakaran.  Total, Unocal ( now aquired by Chevron) are also having offices at  Balikpapan. If we want to go the the oil and gas fields we usually will take  chopper Bell Helicopter  412 or Bolkow from Sepingan Airport.  Businessman usually stayed at Bena Kutai during my business visit to Balikpapan.
Balikpapan is having an area of  around 94,6 km²  and has the population of  535.829 based on data 2005 ril 2005). Balikpapan has a motto "Gawi Manuntung Waja Sampai Kaputing" (bahasa Banjar) which means that if you start doing on something you have to complete the work untuk finish. There is also an animal moto  Beruang Madu, which is the specific animal of Balikpapan which now you may  no  longer  found.

From Balikpapan you may also go by car to interesting places such as Bukit Soeharto. I remember also going to Tenggarong in East Kalimantan. People say that if you drink water from the River Kapuas you will go back to Kalimantan.

Meetings with the Government Officials usually takes place in the Local Government Offices located in  Balikpapan. You may seek several souvenirs of Kalimantan WoodCrafts at the Art shop and galleries in Balikpapan. Accordingly, there are many businessman and also travelers who are going to Balikpapan, where for travelers they may  go and travel to Tenggarong.        

Monday, March 29, 2010

Island of Batam

If you want to visit the Land which is nearby Singapore, you may go to Batam. You can go to Batam from Singapore by Ferry. It will take around 30 minutesBatam is a small Island where the oil and gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia has their logistic Base in Batam. Batam is a Free Bonded Zone Area, where you are exempted from Custom. There are many real estate  houses in Batam.  As you may be aware Batam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Since Batam become a Free Trade Zone in 1898 this Island became busy with all the Stores, Buildings and Logistic Base for the oil and Gas companies operating in Indonesia. 

During the previous Government Era, the Oil and Gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia are being forced to establish their Logistic Base in Batam, before they brought their Oil and Gas goods, and Equipments to the Oil and Gas Fields in their Oil and Gas Block Area. When I was assigned as the In House Lgal Counsel in Huffco Oil and Gas Company, I frequently travel to Batam, to visit  Huffco's Logistic Base in such Batam Island.   

If you want to view Singapore from Batam you can go the Bukit Senyum and view Singapore from Batam. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Traveling To Solo

Well, Solo is a nice and beautiful place to visit. Last time when I visited Solo I stayed in the Sahid Hotel there. It is quite a nice place to stay. I got a Becak and ask the driver to tour me in the City of Solo. For me Solo is quite a silent City. This city was formerly known as Surakarta. If you happen to be in Yogjakarta  you just take a  train which will take you around 1(one) hour trip.

From the History aspects,  please note that Solo was used to be the capital of the Mataram Kings. Thus, this Solo City also plays a significant role to shape the Javanese Culture. You may found 2 (two) royal Palaces  in Solo. As a commercial City Solo is the Centre of Batik Industry. It is really a reach traditional heritage of the Middle Javanese Culture which is demonstrates by the many Traditional School Dance,  the wayang and traditional Music. Solo is quite a small City for your get away from the busy cities such as Jakarta. The Main Street of the City of Solo is Jl.Slamet Riyadi. 
You may noticed that most accommodation is clustered around the Yos Sudarso and the A Dahlan streets. If you are interested to see temples, palaces you may go the East  Side of Solo. You will notice that the people of Solo tend to be not direct person, such as the People from the East Jawa. If you ask questions to the Solo inhabitants you have to be sure you get the real answer since they inherit the soft and polite manner.
So if you  happen to be from a country who has the Straight Forward communication style and characters, you have to adjust your self with the communication culture of such Solo people. As you may noticed Solo is one of the city of Indonesia, where you will realize that Indonesia contains  many rich heritage traditional spots for Foreigners, who likes to explore the beauty of Indonesia which consists of many ethnics and cultures, where the people or inhabitants of Solo are really polite and warm but seems to be not straight-forward, with the reason that they try to maintain human relations in a a polite manner and does not want to hurt others people feelings, and they expect that we understand their way of communication having their specific Unique style as reflected and shown in the traditional dances. 
Agung S.Suleiman   

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyer Beach

Have you ever been to Anyer Beach in Indonesia in the Island of Jawa. If you live in Jakarta you can go by car to the Anyer Beach. It will take about 3 to 4 hours by car. You can just relax and don't be in a hurry. Do you know where Anyer Beach is ? Voila !! Anyer is a beach town located in Banten, West Jawa, Indonesia. The distance is approximately  38 km from Serang City. This Anyer Beach is facing the West, so you may  see the  panorama  glance of  Mountain Rakata (which is the remaining of Mountain Krakatau  which exploded  in  the Year 1833) as well as the Beautiful Sunset. The journey from Jakarta to Anyer may be a pleasant journey. You may bring you map with you so that you can be guided by such Map. Once you arrived in Anyer Beach you may found many bungalows ready to be rented.

You may also choose to stay in the Hotels a long the Anyer Beach. Once you arrived in Anyer Beach you may choose the place to stay during your stay in Beach Anyer. There are cheap bungalows and there are also exclusive Hotels from jasmine to International 5 stars  Hotel. These really depends upon your Budget and your visit plan. It is nice to bring your whole family including  your children with you. You may found the  beautiful sea sight with all the activities which are available to welcome your visit  among others  the Para Sailing, Jet Ski, Speed Boat, and other  exiting sea sports. You will really enjoy and ease and release you stress. Juts forget your work and relax...

You better bring your beach accessory.  When you  intend to stay  you better  wait for the Sunset view which is really a wonderful panorama. You may also found Lighthouse at Cikoneng. We will also see the white sands in the Anyar Beach which is soft and clean.  For you who like diving you may found the deep blue sea which attracts many tourists from all around the world since there are many various sea fishes and sea plants. 

You will be amazed by the sea breeze which will help to freshen your mind and  makes you forget all the headache and stressful problems. By visiting Anyer Beach you can view the legendary  History of the Krakatau Mountain and its historical lighthouse.
As you can see  Indonesia has many beautiful places to attract tourist from around the Globe. So if you are in Jakarta either as a Business Worker or just visiting for a few couple of days in Jakarta, please spare your time to visit Anyer Beach.We are most welcome to tourist around the world to share the beauty of our beaches with all of you. See you in Anyer Beach.....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travel Cheap

Yes, Everybody wants to have a good cheap price budget for traveling. Traveling is good for your health. Once in a while you need to travel. The important thing is that if your Budget is limited you have tp plan your Travel Budget Plan. Can you do that. Of course you can. You can search in the internet for cheap tickets, cheap hotels. Information about traveling is scattered around  the internet. Everybody needs a break. 

If you work hard enough these days what you need is a break. Just visit and browse in the internet and found links for Cheap Air Tickets amd Cheap Budget Guide Blogs. Travelers likes to write their Travel Experience. If you travel to Indonesia besides Bali there are many other nice places that you can explore such as in Toba Lake in Sumatera.   You may found some nice Blogs or websites relating to Lake Toba among others :

which I quoted part of  their nice articles as follows :  

Quote :
Lake Toba (Indonesian: Danau Toba) is a lake, 100 km long and 30 km wide, and 505 m. (1,666 ft.) at its deepest point, in the middle of the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with a surface elevation of about 900 m (3,000 feet), stretching from [show location on an interactive map] 2.88° N 98.52° E to [show location on an interactive map] 2.35° N 99.1° E. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world.

In 1949 the Dutch geologist Rein van Bemmelen reported that Lake Toba was surrounded by a layer of ignimbrite rocks, and that it was a large volcanic caldera. Later researchers found rhyolite ash similar to that in the ignimbrite around Toba (now called Young Toba Tuff to distinguish it from layers deposited in previous explosions) in Malaysia and India, 3,000 km away. Oceanographers discovered Toba ash, with its characteristic chemical "fingerprint", on the floor of the eastern Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal.

The Toba eruption (the Toba event) occurred at what is now Lake Toba about 67,500 to 75,500 years ago. It had an estimated Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8 (described as "mega-colossal"), making it possibly the largest explosive volcanic eruption within the last twenty-five million years. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner of Michigan Technological University deduced that the total amount of erupted material was about 2800 cubic km (670 cubic miles) — around 2,000 km³ of ignimbrite that flowed over the ground and around 800 km³ that fell as ash, with the wind blowing most of it to the west. By contrast, the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens ejected around 1.2 cubic km of material, whilst the largest volcanic eruption in historic times, at Mount Tambora in 1815, emitted the equivalent of around 100 cubic kilometres of dense rock and created the "Year Without a Summer" as far away as North America.


I have experienced traveling to the above Lake Toba, where I went to Sumatera by Ship Tampomas which takes me around 2 Days, and 2 nights if I am not mistaken. It was rather long time ago when I was still a student.  I went there with my friend who has a relative with the Captain of the Tampomas Vessel- Ship. So we are allowed to enter and look at the Captain's room and also the place where such Ship was Driven, where we can see the Sea Destination View in front of the Big Window Front Ship.  It was really an exiting  trip where we arrived at Prapatan. We than went to this Lake Toba. 

There are many souvenirs among others the Toba Calender crafted in Bambo.  The view  fo the  Toba Lake is so beautiful as you can see on the above pictures of such Toba Lake.  In the middle of the lake there is the Samosir Island where you can found a tomb or cemetry of  one of the Kings of Toba. I wish I can travel again to Lake Toba with my family. Indonesia is really beautiful Archipelego where there are lots of places  and Islands we can travel and visit.