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Monday, April 25, 2016

Simpang Lima is the ICON of Semarang City West Jawa Indonesia
At one time I went to Semarang with my wife by train from Gambir Jakarta. It was really an interesting trip, where we departured early in the morning, since I had to go further to Bajanegara City to take my oath as Lawyer during such time.
  • I really enjoyed the trip to Semarang by train. The train was  with full AC so it's very cool and pleasant. As soon as we arrived at Simpang Lima we than ate our breakfast in one of the place of  food court by eating soto which was  really delicious. To give you a glance snapshot picture of the Simpang Lima we can obtain some nice pictures from the website,  which I cut paste and share it with the readers.

In Simpang Lima you can take a becak and go  the places where you can buy and eat specific Semarang Food so called Lumpia where I have also cut paste from one of the website as shown below. Lima or you may called it Five Corners is the specific Icon of the City of Semarang. For your easy referrence  Semarang is a quite City in the Middle part of Jawa. If you like traveling I recommend you to go and visit Semarang so that it could enriched your perception of the Indonesian culture and climate where you can feel the warmth   hospitality of the inhabitant of Semarang.

Once you arived at the place of the Lumpia food, by taking a becak,  we can enjoy ourselves sight  seeing by walking  along  the streets and really enjoyed the quiteness and politeness of the inhabitants,  where they will kindly show us the places for buying this specific  traditional Lumpia food, whereby  in Jakarta you can also find such Lumpia food in certain restaurants, but buying such food in Semarang as the original place of this specific traditional Semarang food, will give you the exitements tasting and fellings of  such traditional  foods.
  • Since I had to go to Bajanegara, I spend only a couple of days in Semarang. At night you can also enjoy walking in Simpang Lima and also try to taste some food in Simpang Lima.  Well this is a glance travel story about Simpang Lima Semarang City West Jawa Indonesia,  which may give a glance picture to travelers where the Writer will tell another story about visit to Semarang of Lawang Sewu or the Thousand Doors and other interesting spotlight  places which Traveler explorer have to visit in Semarang City West Jawa. 
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Jakarta 25 April 2016
Agung Supomo Suleiman

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