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Visit Indonesia

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Traveling To Solo

Well, Solo is a nice and beautiful place to visit. Last time when I visited Solo I stayed in the Sahid Hotel there. It is quite a nice place to stay. I got a Becak and ask the driver to tour me in the City of Solo. For me Solo is quite a silent City. This city was formerly known as Surakarta. If you happen to be in Yogjakarta  you just take a  train which will take you around 1(one) hour trip.

From the History aspects,  please note that Solo was used to be the capital of the Mataram Kings. Thus, this Solo City also plays a significant role to shape the Javanese Culture. You may found 2 (two) royal Palaces  in Solo. As a commercial City Solo is the Centre of Batik Industry. It is really a reach traditional heritage of the Middle Javanese Culture which is demonstrates by the many Traditional School Dance,  the wayang and traditional Music. Solo is quite a small City for your get away from the busy cities such as Jakarta. The Main Street of the City of Solo is Jl.Slamet Riyadi. 
You may noticed that most accommodation is clustered around the Yos Sudarso and the A Dahlan streets. If you are interested to see temples, palaces you may go the East  Side of Solo. You will notice that the people of Solo tend to be not direct person, such as the People from the East Jawa. If you ask questions to the Solo inhabitants you have to be sure you get the real answer since they inherit the soft and polite manner.
So if you  happen to be from a country who has the Straight Forward communication style and characters, you have to adjust your self with the communication culture of such Solo people. As you may noticed Solo is one of the city of Indonesia, where you will realize that Indonesia contains  many rich heritage traditional spots for Foreigners, who likes to explore the beauty of Indonesia which consists of many ethnics and cultures, where the people or inhabitants of Solo are really polite and warm but seems to be not straight-forward, with the reason that they try to maintain human relations in a a polite manner and does not want to hurt others people feelings, and they expect that we understand their way of communication having their specific Unique style as reflected and shown in the traditional dances. 
Agung S.Suleiman   

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