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Visit Indonesia

Monday, March 29, 2010

Island of Batam

If you want to visit the Land which is nearby Singapore, you may go to Batam. You can go to Batam from Singapore by Ferry. It will take around 30 minutesBatam is a small Island where the oil and gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia has their logistic Base in Batam. Batam is a Free Bonded Zone Area, where you are exempted from Custom. There are many real estate  houses in Batam.  As you may be aware Batam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago of Indonesia. Since Batam become a Free Trade Zone in 1898 this Island became busy with all the Stores, Buildings and Logistic Base for the oil and Gas companies operating in Indonesia. 

During the previous Government Era, the Oil and Gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia are being forced to establish their Logistic Base in Batam, before they brought their Oil and Gas goods, and Equipments to the Oil and Gas Fields in their Oil and Gas Block Area. When I was assigned as the In House Lgal Counsel in Huffco Oil and Gas Company, I frequently travel to Batam, to visit  Huffco's Logistic Base in such Batam Island.   

If you want to view Singapore from Batam you can go the Bukit Senyum and view Singapore from Batam. 


Anis said...

I went to Indonesia last year and the stay at beach resorts Batam by far was the best. The food was great and the beach heavenly.

green ivy said...

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