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Visit Indonesia

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Balikpapan Kalimantan Indonesia

When I was assigned as the Inhouse Legal Counsel in Huffco Indonesia an oil and Gas Company, I frequently went to Balikpapan, East Kalimatan Indonesia. Balikpapan is a nice city, where several Oil and Gas Companies who are operating in Indonesia are having its office at Balikpapan, Kalimantan Indonesia. I usually stayed at Bena Kutai Hotel.  

Balikpapan is located East Kalimantan. East Kalimantan is rich of  natural resources such Oil and Gas as well as Timber and Coal Mining. There are 2 harbors, namely Semayang and Kariangau (a ferry harbour). The International Airport in Balikpapan is called Sepinggan International Airport..

There are several Oil and Gas Housing Complex where for Huffco (now Vico) is located at Gunung Bakaran.  Total, Unocal ( now aquired by Chevron) are also having offices at  Balikpapan. If we want to go the the oil and gas fields we usually will take  chopper Bell Helicopter  412 or Bolkow from Sepingan Airport.  Businessman usually stayed at Bena Kutai during my business visit to Balikpapan.
Balikpapan is having an area of  around 94,6 km²  and has the population of  535.829 based on data 2005 ril 2005). Balikpapan has a motto "Gawi Manuntung Waja Sampai Kaputing" (bahasa Banjar) which means that if you start doing on something you have to complete the work untuk finish. There is also an animal moto  Beruang Madu, which is the specific animal of Balikpapan which now you may  no  longer  found.

From Balikpapan you may also go by car to interesting places such as Bukit Soeharto. I remember also going to Tenggarong in East Kalimantan. People say that if you drink water from the River Kapuas you will go back to Kalimantan.

Meetings with the Government Officials usually takes place in the Local Government Offices located in  Balikpapan. You may seek several souvenirs of Kalimantan WoodCrafts at the Art shop and galleries in Balikpapan. Accordingly, there are many businessman and also travelers who are going to Balikpapan, where for travelers they may  go and travel to Tenggarong.        

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