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Visit Indonesia

Friday, March 19, 2010

Anyer Beach

Have you ever been to Anyer Beach in Indonesia in the Island of Jawa. If you live in Jakarta you can go by car to the Anyer Beach. It will take about 3 to 4 hours by car. You can just relax and don't be in a hurry. Do you know where Anyer Beach is ? Voila !! Anyer is a beach town located in Banten, West Jawa, Indonesia. The distance is approximately  38 km from Serang City. This Anyer Beach is facing the West, so you may  see the  panorama  glance of  Mountain Rakata (which is the remaining of Mountain Krakatau  which exploded  in  the Year 1833) as well as the Beautiful Sunset. The journey from Jakarta to Anyer may be a pleasant journey. You may bring you map with you so that you can be guided by such Map. Once you arrived in Anyer Beach you may found many bungalows ready to be rented.

You may also choose to stay in the Hotels a long the Anyer Beach. Once you arrived in Anyer Beach you may choose the place to stay during your stay in Beach Anyer. There are cheap bungalows and there are also exclusive Hotels from jasmine to International 5 stars  Hotel. These really depends upon your Budget and your visit plan. It is nice to bring your whole family including  your children with you. You may found the  beautiful sea sight with all the activities which are available to welcome your visit  among others  the Para Sailing, Jet Ski, Speed Boat, and other  exiting sea sports. You will really enjoy and ease and release you stress. Juts forget your work and relax...

You better bring your beach accessory.  When you  intend to stay  you better  wait for the Sunset view which is really a wonderful panorama. You may also found Lighthouse at Cikoneng. We will also see the white sands in the Anyar Beach which is soft and clean.  For you who like diving you may found the deep blue sea which attracts many tourists from all around the world since there are many various sea fishes and sea plants. 

You will be amazed by the sea breeze which will help to freshen your mind and  makes you forget all the headache and stressful problems. By visiting Anyer Beach you can view the legendary  History of the Krakatau Mountain and its historical lighthouse.
As you can see  Indonesia has many beautiful places to attract tourist from around the Globe. So if you are in Jakarta either as a Business Worker or just visiting for a few couple of days in Jakarta, please spare your time to visit Anyer Beach.We are most welcome to tourist around the world to share the beauty of our beaches with all of you. See you in Anyer Beach.....

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