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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Walking is Travelling

  • Click Here!I really like to go home from my office by walking which is around Grand Wijaya and goes to the short cuts at Jl Damai,Cipete, Jakarta Indonesia, and can see the children playing footballs and hear their laughter. It is really spontaneous laughter by them, where they will kick the balls in the small park near Jl Sawo area at Cipete, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. By walking you can watch the surroundings of your neighborhood. You will also see the plants and several kind of flowers and you will be amazed that your feelings start to be cheerful, since by walking you also become healthier since your blood will flow and being pump by your heart beat due to the movement of your legs and body which will be good for your health and oxigen flow.

  •  Walking is also a part of traveling since you can watch closely the scene that you cannot watch when you are going by car or bus. Walking in the morning and walking in the afternoon is different since in the afternoon, everybody seems to be ready to go home from their office while if you are walking in the morning people are not yet awaken from their sleep and the fresh air and oxigen  is really good for your lungs.
  • Well, by walking which is also part of Traveling  and following the narrow streets and shortcuts in Cipete Jakarta, Indonesia you will found many houses with different type of sizes and models, which will widen your knowledge of knowing your neighborhood condition and life style, and you will also be glad full that you also have a house to live with your family.
  • From Jl.Sawo you will pass Jl Nangka Cipete, Jakarta and will then enter Jl Fatmawati, Index Furniture which is already near your house and you will keep on walking where you see all the traffic jam of the Cars at Jl.Fatmawati Street Jakarta and you will take around 15 more minutes to reach your house which is at Kompleks Deplu, Cendrawasih, Cipete, or Cilandak, Gandaria Selatan, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia ....  ....wauw it is really  a travel from your office to your house by walking     
  • Cheers
  • Jakarta, 12 November 2009
  • Agung Supomo Suleiman 

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